Monday, October 18, 2010


So,'s been a super long time since I've posted anything on here! Not like anyone reads this, but still. I'm bored today, so I'm going to post something! Mwahaha.

There's been a lot going on this year. It's been one messed up one..lots of sadness. But definitely also some awesome happiness.

I feel like I'm finally getting somewhere with myself even though I haven't done that much.
Well, not true. For one thing I am finally settled. I have my own house now, that I love...and I don't have to worry about moving again, yay!

I don't really want to get into a lot of the other stuff. But I do have to say that with being settled and some of the other crap that's happened this year, I think I have mostly figured out what I want and who I want to be and all that. Learned a bunch of stuff...some I didn't think were true, some stuff I didn't want to know, some stuff I guess I already knew but never actually figured out till now. It's all, mostly, been for the best.

I have really been craving more art in my life. I just have to make myself sit down and get to it! I have found out one of my problems is that I have so so so so so many ideas that when I get to doing anything I get stuck the second I try to think about what I want to do. I feel like as soon as I pick up my pencil or brush there's a wall between it and the paper. It's very frustrating. And whenever I have an idea in my head and I actually go to plan something out thinking it will be easier for me later, it makes it worse! I get all perfectionist-like and get angry and frustrated when it's not turning out how I see it in my head. I don't know if a lot of artists are like that..or if it's just me? haha. Not sure, but I totally have to get over that!

Umm...I think I'm done for now. :P

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