Friday, September 11, 2009

Main Line Animal Rescue donating for tackling Vick

Ok, I just had to write about this...
There is an article about how Main Line Animal Rescue is going to donate 5 bags of dog food to local animal shelters every time Michael Vick gets tackled during this game.
I, personally, don't think it's a bad idea at all! I mean, it's if he's playing, chances are he's going to be getting tackled anyway. And sure, use his mistakes against him to help those in need.
Now, the comments people are leaving on this article are ridiculous!!! I am a huge animal lover, and when I heard about the Vick thing in the first place I thought it was absolutely sick. There are many people saying.."Oh, he did his time, blah blah blah, get over it already." Ok, the bastard did his time, that's fine and dandy for him. But he still has to live with his actions. I'm not trying to compare these horrible things in any way but say a man kills someone, he goes to jail, gets out and everyone is just supposed to totally forget about it? No, he's gonna have to live with that decision he made for the rest of his life...just like anyone else would. Like a child molester, goes to jail, gets out...but hey, he doesn't forget about it either, the guys got to register as a sex offender. Good, he's got to live with it too. I think the same applies to Vick. Yes, he did his time, but it's not going to just disappear from every one's mind just because he's some hot shot football player.
Some are saying.."Oh, you value an animals life over a humans?" Um, no. It's football. He's going to get tackled anyway. Who cares if people are rooting more for that now. It's not like he's going to die from it. Really people??
"Oh, that's really mean-spirited" And Vick wasn't completely malicious and mean-spirited to those poor dogs he forced to fight???
These people just don't understand how hurt animal lovers are by these kinds of things. Every time I hear or see anything about animal fighting, animal abuse, I sincerely get upset. I get pissed and sad, I cry. I feel for animals. They can't speak out for themselves. They do not deserve to be treated as sick entertainment, they don't deserve to be beaten and abused. What kind of person does those kinds of things? Really. I mean, what does that say about your character, about who you are? I'd say if you're doing things like that, you deserve to be beaten down a little yourself, if not physically..then karma is going to be a real bitch for you. You're just kind of asking for it.,188591&cp=26#comments

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