Thursday, August 8, 2013

Looking Good!

I've gotten a few pet portraits done recently! I will have to post pictures soon.

I also made an unexpected sale! A while back, I did a pet portrait of this dog that passed named J.D. His dad came into work with his new puppy (who is too stinkin' cute by the way!). I tried to give him the portrait as a gift, but he insisted on paying for it! That was not my intention at all, but it was so nice of him. He's such a sweet guy that loves his dogs so much! I am glad I was finally able to give him the portrait and I hope his family enjoys it!

I also walked into work one day and found out that I had 3 inquiries about pet portraits that day!

I have a new opportunity now too! Something a little different and big! I will explain later!      

Things are starting to take off. I'm surprised and so happy that I am able to do this! It's amazing!

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