Monday, October 15, 2012


Oh, I'm such a slacker with posting on here. I really have to work on that. :)
I have gotten another pet portrait done, Theodore. I love how this one turned out. I think it's my favorite portrait that I have done. And it's a cat, not a dog!
I'm in the process of working on a few more right now, the husky is still in progress, Spencer and Autumn. Along with my dad's tattoo sketch, which he was giving me a little shit for. I'm sorry dad, but I have a very limited  amount of free time! Especially last month and this one now, with the Halloween party & such.
I'm working on some awesome Halloween projects right now too. This year our decoration theme is a haunted forest. :) I just need to get paid so I can go get some supplies!
On another, unrelated to my art, note..I got a promotion at work. I am now a manager at the doggie daycare. :) so happy. Last month I got the opportunity to work at an animal shelter, which I loved! But then it got my bosses at the daycare to see how valuable I was there I guess. I talked with them about a manager position, which one boss was like maybe eventually. So I said, ok keep me in mind but I'm going somewhere I can advance. Next day-I'm manager! Bam. So I sadly had to leave the shelter. But I do plan on volunteering! Just have to get through this month. 

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