Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Some New Ideas

So, I have still been kind of distracted with more pressing matters in my life. Yea, kind of lame, but it's stuff I really need to focus on. I'm going through all this crap with finding a new job. It really sucks. It's so hard to do right now! I've applied to 5 zillion places (I love exaggerating, haha) and it's not turning out so well. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for the best!!!

It's definitely been kind of tough to start on any projects when I'm in this constant state of worry about finding a way to support myself! I have so many ideas, but it's like impossible for me to sit down and concentrate on starting a project!

On another note: some ideas I have!

I want to create some nursery decor!
I have a million ideas on different colors, themes, medias to work with. I have always wanted to get into making baby accessories, decor, and clothing. I used to work at Petit Bateau, a French children's clothing store, and I always loved everything in that store - the styles, colors, themes. I love all the cute little things people are able to buy for their children. And I know one thing people can be very entusiastic about is their children. I want to create things that both parents and children will love and enjoy in their daily lives.

My goal is to get out a bunch of different nursery decor and accessories sometime in the near future!

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