Monday, October 29, 2012


The house looks awesome! I wanted to do more but I ran out of time!
The bats turned out great. If I started sooner, it would have been easier. But even with rushing they still turned out awesome. I will definitely be using them again next year.

Super easy and relatively cheap, depending on how many/how big of a space you're working with. I went to Hobby Lobby and got a package of big sheets of black construction paper, which was around $4 for 50 sheets. It was around $2 for the tacky stuff, which worked pretty well for the most part.

We (Joe & I) made these awesome looking vines! We picked up 2 packages of long natural looking rope. We got 5 cans of spray paint (well, 2 we had leftover from last year). We used 3 browns and a dark green. Then we just sprayed the crap out of the rope! The easiest was to spray the dark green and dark brown first, since the colors are overpowering to the lighter ones, and leaving some bare spots. We went back over the rope with the lighter browns. One of the browns was a textured paint that looked great on it. Obviously there is a lot of flipping the rope around and quite a bit of drying time. Looks fantastic! We also grabbed thinner dark brown rope it intertwine  with the one we spray painted. The whole look of it was so cool.

I found an awesome glow ball idea on Pinterest that we tried. We improvised with what was easiest for us to find. We got a package of regular green balloons which we put a green glow stick in, then filled with water. We then got some white stockings (I just picked up girl sized ones), which I cut the legs off of to use, and put the water balloon in that. They weren't huge, maybe softball sized. We hung them from the trees in the backyard. They looked awesome!! I unfortunately did not get pictures of them glowing. :( Everyone said they looked alien like.
I made a super cute witches table as well. I set a skull, a crystal ball, a broom and a bunch of bottles. Some I had and the rest I picked up for really cheap at this science store. I filled a few with water and food coloring. I also set out some witch related books that I had. I loved it.

It was an awesomely fun, crafty Halloween! :)

Even at work we got in the spirit. I decorated the lobby & few of us decorated pumpkins to look like some of our doggy clients! :)

Halloween love!!

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