Saturday, February 4, 2012

Exciting Pet Portrait Opportunity!

Since I started doing the dog colored pencil drawings, I've gotten a few done and displayed at work. There has been a lot of interest from people!
I've already got 5, possibly 7, drawings to do that I will be paid for! And thats just at work, not even the ones i have lined up myself or with help from friends. This is so freaking exciting. I didn't expect to have this much reaction right away!
We finally set the pricing & got a flyer up. I'm going to be selling the 8x12s for $69 and the 11x14s for $99. I'm hoping this isn't too expensive. I don't think it is. From the research I've done and talking to people, it seems like a fair price to me. And also, my bosses are getting commission off of them, for the use of their credit card machine and the "display space" kind of idea, so I have to take that into consideration too.
I love the fact that I have the opportunity to sell my art somewhere & have gotten a response from it already.
I finished the JD picture. It turned out great! I'm very happy with it.

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